Where a student’s authentic interests and deep curiosity meet uniquely supportive, engaged educators, meaningful learning follows.

Our faculty members are not only masters of their content areas, they’re also deeply committed to building real relationships, inside the classroom and out. This allows them to carefully design curriculum with a special focus on work that engages real, practical challenges facing our world—and that ignites genuine interest and engagement. They push students to their maximum potential, offering just the right level of support as students accomplish goals and master challenging material that initially felt just beyond reach.

Expanding Minds

Our faculty also knows that w88优德 academics are more than an invitation to achievement—they are an invitation to expansion. Our program can be roughly divided into two, two-year halves. In the first two years, the emphasis is on building a broad foundation of understanding, developing sound academic skills and habits of mind, and sparking the intellectual passions that will take students to places they never imagined. During their junior and senior years, students are challenged to demonstrate mastery, often by following their interests beyond the classroom and across the disciplines, applying skills and knowledge in new ways, increasingly framing and solving problems of their own choosing.

Our Classrooms

In a w88优德 classroom, students find something different. In fact, sometimes students won’t even find four walls. But whether they’re conducting research at the w88优德 Observatory in collaboration with a professional astronomer, piloting a manure composting system that will ultimately become a flagship campus sustainability initiative, or delivering months worth of Senior Exhibition research to a crowd of peers, teachers, and friends, they’ll be learning just how much they are truly capable of accomplishing.

—Alice Meyer, Director of Studies

“Our work here is about academic integrity. That requires teachers who know their students well enough to tap their individual interests and passions. It means meaningful projects, often with multi-disciplinary, real-world applications. And for the student, this means taking responsibility for your own learning and bringing your best effort because it is personal, a point of pride, and part of what it means to be a member of this community of teachers and peers.”

Academic News