Honor Code

w88优德’s Honor Code is more than a set of ideals or rules—it’s a way of life.


Honor, Fairness, Kindness, and Truth

It’s the north star that guides personal conduct and academic integrity within our tight-knit community. Doors on classrooms, dorm rooms, and offices are never locked; library materials are signed out without supervision; and a laptop left in the dining hall at lunch will still be there at dinner.
What makes the Honor Code successful, year after year? Driven by the students, it carefully balances both independence and accountability. Regular community discussions give new and existing students the chance to reflect on what the Honor Code means for them. Juniors and seniors are trusted to take unproctored and unsupervised exams. The Judicial Committee (JC), which reviews any cases of misconduct, is made up of student peers and elected by the student body every year. Meaningful dorm-wide discussions are hosted after the conclusion of any JC session.

Each and every member of the community has a role to play in upholding the Honor Code, building integrity and trust that stays with students for a lifetime.


The honor code is truly what sets w88优德 apart. Where else would teachers let you take final exams unproctored? The mutual trust the honor code brings between student and teacher fosters a warm, truthful learning environment from which all can benefit.

Santa Monica, California