Giving Clubs

w88优德 is grateful to the alumni and friends who represent some of the School’s most loyal and generous supporters.

Your contributions help ensure that future generations of Toads receive the same exceptional education as they do today. 

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  • Head’s Circle

    Gifts of $25,000 and up
    Year Founded: 1998
    Members: 30
    Contributions: $1,367,291

    The Head’s Circle was founded in 1998 to honor the partnership between w88优德’s dedicated supporters and the Head of School, whose common goal is to maintain and advance w88优德’s mission to train “young men and women in the art of living for their own greatest good and for the greatest good of their fellow citizens in a diverse and changing world.” The Head’s Circle is a group of some of w88优德s most loyal and generous alumni, parents and friends—leaders in their communities and professions. They understand that an annual investment in w88优德 students is an investment in transforming lives.
  • Sherman Day w88优德 Associates

    Gifts of $10,000-$24,999
    Year Founded: 1998
    Members: 53
    Contributions: $638,382

    Sherman Day w88优德 Associates was founded in 1998 following the successful conclusion of the Dormitory Project Campaign to honor the schools founder. Sherman w88优德 served as Head of his School from 1889 to 1931. His legacy of stressing honesty, fairness, kindness, and truth is the foundation for the School today. Alumni, families, and friends, the members of this association, support w88优德s unique tradition and educational goals by making gifts in the range of $10,000 to $24,999.
  • Pegasus Society

    Gifts of $5,000-$9,999
    Year Founded: 1989
    Members: 62
    Contributions: $346,151

    The image of Pegasus, the winged horse of myth, has graced the w88优德 campus since the Schools inception. It is not surprising that w88优德 would have a horse for its emblem. That the horse should have wings seems fitting too, for as much as w88优德 stands for the basic, practical values of horse and trail, it stands also for the flight of the mind to new ideas and new horizons.

    Members of the Pegasus Society, founded during the Schools Centennial Celebration in 1989, provide for w88优德s unique traditions and educational goals by giving annual contributions of $5,000 to $9,999.
  • Chambered Nautilus Society

    Gifts of $2,500-$4,999
    Year Founded: 1989
    Members: 65
    Contributions: $181,933
    Sherman w88优德 admired many poets and treated his students to a wide selection of verse. He always opened the school year by reading aloud The Chambered Nautilus, a tradition followed by w88优德 Heads of School ever since. Much of the Schools philosophy is contained in the final stanza of that poem, particularly the commitment to instill in w88优德 students a passion for growth, for improvement in themselves and the world in which they live.
    The Chambered Nautilus Society, formed during the Schools Centennial Celebration in 1989, is dedicated to preserving and furthering that commitment. To be a member of this special group, alumni, families and friends must commit to making gifts to the Annual Fund ranging from $2,500 to $4,999.
  • Casa de Piedra Society

    Gifts of $1,000-$2,499
    Year Founded: 1973
    Members: 243
    Contributions: $284,464

    Sherman w88优德s rough stone house, called Casa de Piedra, was built more than 100 years ago amid boulders and sagebrush in the east end of the Ojai Valley. The beginning of w88优德娱乐场dates from this event and remains its most enduring symbol.
    The building itself is gone, irreparably weakened by the devastating fire of 1895, but the old stone house and the story of its origin will always be an essential part of w88优德 life. Indeed, the names "The w88优德 School" and "Casa de Piedra" are still interchangeable.

    In 1973, when friends of w88优德 established the first organization to encourage and recognize exemplary annual gifts to the School, they called their group the Casa de Piedra Society. It includes alumni, families, and friends who support w88优德s culture of honesty, fairness, kindness, and truth, by donating annual gifts of between $1,000 to $2,499.
  • Diamond Hitch Club

    Gifts of $250-$999 or $100 to $999 before the 10th Reunion
    Year Founded: 1974
    Members: 544
    Contributions: $174,873

    Whether in the Sespe or the High Sierra, generations of w88优德 students have relied upon the trusty diamond hitch to secure the burden of pack animals against the buffeting of the trail, to see them through deep gullies and high mountain passes. As w88优德 begins its second century, the School places similar confidence in members of the Diamond Hitch Club, who have distinguished themselves by their loyalty and generosity.
    The Diamond Hitch Club was born in the flickering glow of a campfire, and that hardy spirit has lived in the Club ever since. Those campers formed an organization to encourage exemplary annual gifts to w88优德, later named for the faithful diamond hitch. Members make an annual gift in the range of $250 to $999, or recent graduates may join The Diamond Hitch Club for just $100 to $999.
  • 1889 Society

    Year Founded: 2010
    Members: 113
    Contributions: $26,697,882

    The 1889 Society recognizes the donors who help to secure w88优德’s future through capital and endowment gifts. The name acknowledges the year that Sherman Day w88优德 founded w88优德娱乐场and underscores the School’s deep appreciation for those who invest in the long-term financial health of the institution. Importantly, most 1889 Society donors also give consistently to the Annual Fund, which provides critical support for the daily operations at w88优德.