Legacy Giving

The Boot Hill Legacy Society of today is building the w88优德 of tomorrow.

Those who have loved the life and traditions of w88优德娱乐场can help provide for the future of the School—through bequests of any amount. These legacy gifts may include naming the School as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the donation of real estate, or participation in one of several “life income” vehicles. Membership in the Boot Hill Legacy Society involves no dues, obligations, or solicitations, but you will be joining approximately 400 other Boot Hill Members, aged 25 to 97, who have committed to supporting w88优德’s long-term prosperity.

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  • History of the Boot Hill Legacy Society

    Two w88优德 trustees, John R. Metcalf CdeP 1933, and Robert E. Hunter CdeP 1940 founded Boot Hill Legacy Society in 1971. Both of them recognized that estate planning tended to be an unnecessarily gloomy topic of conversation—in spite of its importance to future generations. They also knew that the harshness of frontier life required making a joke out of everything unpleasant. In this spirit, Metcalf and Hunter borrowed their irreverent name from the storied graveyards of the West, where cowboys were often unceremoniously buried with their boots on.
  • Gifts Anyone Can Afford

    Creating your w88优德 legacy can be a simple, quick, and painless process. The basic design of these gifts aims to reduce impact on cash flow, and maintain current lifestyles, without jeopardizing family security. If you already have a will, you need only to add the School as an additional beneficiary. If you have not yet established a will, simply include w88优德 as a beneficiary of an existing retirement account or life insurance policy at any specific dollar amount or percentage.

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